Film Review: Abide With the Pit

Jug Face directed by Chad Crawford Kinkle

Review by Michael Bryant

Ever wonder if there’s really a God in Heaven?  Tired of your prayers going unanswered?  Can’t afford health insurance? Well brother, pull up a chair, pour yerself a glass a’shine, and let me tell you the Good News of the Pit! 

Jug Face is the feature debut of writer and director Chad Crawford Kinkle, and delivers a steady stream of terror and despair. The film is centered around an isolated and impoverished backwoods community that worships a being dwelling within a potter’s clay pit. In exchange for the occasional human sacrifice, chosen through the subconscious making of a person’s image on a “jug face” by the potter Dawai (Sean Bridgers), the Pit provides its followers with a cure for all disease and injury by washing in its blood-soaked cesspool.

There’s trouble in paradise when Ada, played by the stunning Lauren Ashley Carter, must face a difficult choice between the well-being of the community and the safety of her unborn child, who she fears may be the next sacrifice.

While this film cranks up the weird factor, it remains grounded in its characters, who are not caricatures of bloodthirsty hillbillies with a taste for anal rape, but simply people working to make the best of what meager opportunities are afforded to them. The combination of great performances, solid character development, and a strong showing in directing from Kinkle create a sense of empathy for the characters that is sadly rare in many modern horror films.    

Jug Face is a breath of originality in a genre overrun by tired cliches and gore-saturated slaughter fests. Kinkle is a director from whom to expect great things from in future, and I will certainly be looking out for his next film. 

 5/5 Lovecraftian Pit Monsters

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