Happy 4/20. High Strange Horror is available now!

The truth cannot be suppressed any longer.

For fans of The X-FilesCoast to Coast AMWelcome to Night Vale – or for anyone who loves a good (or bad) conspiracy theory. High Strange Horror is an examination of our modern mythologies, viewed through a horror lens.

High Strange Horror, edited by Jonathan Raab, Colin Scharf, and Doctor Gaines, features 17 different stories and two essays on our weird and wonderful world. The paperback and Kindle versions are available on Amazon, with other e-book versions available at your online retailer of choice in the next few days.

Now, we shall see that which lurks between the edges of our world and the next. Now, the truth will be revealed.

Are you ready to see what lies beyond the veil?


High Strange Horror

Weird Tales of Paranoia and the Damned

On the Weird and the Damned (introduction) by Jonathan Raab

Investigations by Michael Bryant

So You’ve Lost Your Edge. Now What? by Charles Martin and Will Weinke

Frosty Pyramid Treats by Jonathan Raab

The Dead Wait by Toni Nicolino

The Keepers by David A. Owens

Night Dog by Matthew M. Bartlett

The Pirate-Ghost of Hole 19 by Doctor Gaines

The Lights Are Off by Christopher Fraser

Púca by C.R.J. Smith

Delve by Matthew D. Jordan

Brought Low by J. Howard Shannon

Black-Eyed Children, Blue-Eyed Child by Billy Lyons

The Vampire Sea by Amberle L. Husbands

Ascendance by Julie Godard

Cats by Jake Skillings

The Projectionist by Mer Whinery

Excerpt from Look For Me by Colin Scharf

I Want to Believe (post-script essay) by Colin Scharf

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