Flight of the Blue Falcon available today

I’m proud to announce that The War Writers’ Campaign has officially released my first novel, Flight of the Blue Falcon. From the back of the book:

As a chewed-up Army National Guard unit heads to a forgotten war in Afghanistan, three men find themselves thrust into the heart of absurdity: the post-modern American war machine. The inexperienced Private Rench, the jaded veteran Staff Sergeant Halderman, and the idealistic Lieutenant Gracie join a platoon of misfit citizen-soldiers and experience a series of alienating and bizarre events. Rench is force-fed cookies by his drill sergeants. Halderman’s “training” is to pick up garbage in the California desert for four days straight. Gracie contends with a battalion commander obsessed with latrine graffiti. Once they reach Afghanistan, things really get weird.

Flight of the Blue Falcon is the story of three men who volunteer to serve their country. It’s about what it means to be a soldier, to fight, to know true camaraderie—and to return home. This is a war story. This is our story.

Only the most unbelievable parts are true.

This is a project a couple years in the making. I know it’s not horror or weird fiction, but it’s a deeply personal book, and one I recommend to people with even a passing interest in our military or the wars we have been fighting.

All proceeds go directly to benefit best-in-class veteran services. I don’t get a dime!


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