28. Re-Animator (1985)

Re-Animator (1985). Lovecraft didn’t like his serialized novella Herbert West: Re-Animator because he regarded it as pulpy, trashy, and a cheap knock off of better works (namely, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley). Well, those are precisely the reasons I enjoy it, and, despite the liberties taken by director Stuart Gordon, those are the same positive attributes one can ascribe to this film adaptation. Jeffrey Combs and David Gale are equal parts hilarious and menacing as they face off from both sides of the mortal coil, attempting to gain power over death itself for their own selfish reasons. This is a (formerly?) cult film, known for its over-the-top gore and practical effects. My favorite part is when they re-animate the cat and it goes berserk. It’s basically just two minutes of Combs and his accomplice flailing around the set, knocking things over and shouting.

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