The Great Unknown Massacre of Cattaraugus County – from Literati Press Comics & Novels

An interview with the two men trying to break the largest government cover-up in the history of upstate New York.

By Will Weinke

I’d never imagined that parts of New York could look as desolate and backcountry as the most out-of-the-way corners of Oklahoma, but there I was. Machias, New York. Lil’s Deli. One of those multi-use convenience stores sporting a deli counter because other lunch options were in short demand in the small community.

Allegedly, hundreds of people were slaughtered by both civilians and rogue state police within a few miles of the deli’s front door. Altars of death and horror sprouted from the streets. Cannibalism and violence erupted on a scale Americans would never imagine in even the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country, let alone this sleepy ski town.

It was too crazy to be true, which is perhaps why no one heard of the events chronicled by The Hillbilly Moonshine Massacre, a new book by Jonathan Raab. The Afghanistan war vet grew up in the area and has traced the story back to a bad batch of white whiskey which sent an entire populace into a murderous rage.

And it only get’s weirder the deeper the story goes.

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