I AM NOT IN A CULT: A guest post from the editor of Ravenwood Quarterly

I invited Travis Neisler of the upcoming Ravenwood Quarterly to share a bit about his new publication which features some terrific authors – including a few friends of mine – in the first issue. This project has been funded via Kickstarter and is on its way, slowly but surely, to print. Be sure to keep it on your radar. – Jonathan

Hi! My name is Travis and I am not in a cult… I think…

I had the idea for Ravenwood Quarterly after browsing and starting to buy chapbooks from the various small presses that specialize in them. I had been a part of underground metal and punk zines in the distant past, and I am intellectually unchallenged in the day job, so I wanted to do something that not only I would enjoy, but many others as well.

Over the years I’ve seen a fair share of magazines go online, or lose steam. Whether they were music, movies, or book related it seems the magazine is in decline… But then again, I don’t get out much, so I can’t know for sure..


But seeing that there were a lot of unheard voices in the darkness just waiting for someone to pick up their frequency, Ravenwood‘s purpose is to bring to the front every talented author and artist that I can.

So Ravenwood was born, as a vehicle to bring the darkest, weirdest stories to readers. Ravenwood welcomes those dirty uncomfortable stories that rise from the darkest puss-filled recesses of the mind.

Ravenwood will be published four times a year,  in a full size (8.5″ x 11″) format. We aren’t going to specialize in one thing or another – just dark and or weird stories! We already have poetry, crime, Lovecraftian, and straight horror stories submitted for the first three issues!

The first issue includes:

David-John Tyrer

John Linwood Grant

Peter Rawlik

Sam Gafford

Matthew M. Bartlett

Anthony Crowley

Betty Rocksteady

Brian O’Connell

Roger Keel

And many more! Several talented artists have also joined us, like Dave Felton and Josh Yelle (who did the amazing cover). We will have a handful of interviews and articles in each issue. The first has interviews with  Sam McKenna from Skurvy Ink, Sam Cowan from Dim Shores press and Jordan Krall from Dynatox Ministries press.

We have several returning authors for issues two and three, but I’m always looking for stories and new faces. I don’t have a submission period really; I tend to accept or reject stories as I receive them, and many times if the story is awesome but won’t fit in the issue I’m working on, I’ll suggest it go to the next issue.

I also sometimes get stories that I want to get deeper into so I suggest a chapbook release – so we can explore the story further! I have three chapbooks planned for release between issues one and two, and one to follow issue two.

You can keep up to date (and soon buy issues and chapbooks) through RavenwoodQuarterly.wordpress.com and through our Facebook page.

– Travis

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