All Muzzleland Press titles on sale

We hit the World Horror Convention in Provo, UT this weekend. I was very excited about it – I heard great things about attendance, guests, and writer/publisher success. In previous years, I’m sure this was the case.

But this year was a bust. We heard rumors that attendance was as high as 200 people. I’m almost certain that includes the vendors, committee, special guest, and non-paying walkthroughs.

Regardless, our inventory is a bit overloaded. And I recognize how much cheaper/easier it is to just buy a book off Amazon (which is fine, we appreciate all sales). But for the foreseeable future, our print books are priced to be competitive or beat those prices and make it easier to support us by buying directly from us.

Visit our store and check out our reduced-price titles, including Creeping Waves, High Strange Horror, and The Hillbilly Moonshine Massacre.

Thank you!

See you at local Denver-area craft fairs for the rest of the year…


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