Cover Reveal: HIVE by Alex Smith

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Next week, journey into terror with a troubled couple recovering from the emotional turmoil of their abortion. They seek refuge in a refurbished New York City apartment building in an “up-and-coming” neighborhood, only to discover the Cronenbergian terror housed in the hive below. Secret medical experiments, social anxiety, and hideous reproductive cycles collide in this descent into true horror.

“Alex Smith takes the bleakest feelings of forced change and weaves into it the monstrous embodiment of creation, of wicked evolution. HIVE is a gruesome reminder that our cyclical lives are constantly thrust into this terrifying, blood-soaked battle of rebirth, of emergence, against the dark evils we must defeat if we have any chance of surviving the chrysalis.”
-Philip Fracassi, author of Mother and Altar

“Rarely have I encountered such a fantastic debut. A deliriously dark masterpiece worthy of Cronenberg, HIVE is a shining black gem in this weird world.”
-Brian O’Connell, Editor at the Conqueror Weird

Copies will be available via Amazon, Kindle and our Storenvy storefront.

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