The Home Invasion – Part Two: Movies

By Alex Smith

You can read Part One: Novels, here. Alex Smith is the author of HIVE, an urban home invasion-bio-horror novella.

Below is the continuation of my brief exploration into the home invasion narrative. Here, I focus on film. I mentioned in my interview with Jonathan Raab that The Strangers had a major impact on me, which I discuss in a bit more detail here.

Again, here’s to hoping that you might find something of interest on this list.


Straw Dogs (1971) – dir. Sam Pekinpah

It wasn’t until HIVE was in its nth revision that I noticed the stunning similarities with Peckinpah’s Straw Dogs. A couple move to the UK countryside to build a home for themselves. Dustin Hoffman plays a mathematician. Mild-mannered, humble, and a man of the mind, his lack of physicality and cerebral nature become a target for the jibes and bullying of the locals working on his house—one of whom is his wife’s ex-boyfriend.

the city can change so quickly: An interview with Alex Smith, author of HIVE

Alex Smith is the author of Muzzleland Press’ latest novella, HIVE, a Cronenbergian descent into urban paranoia, reproduction, body horror, abortion, and so much more.

Consider supporting the press by purchasing the book for Kindle here or in paperback.

What is HIVE?

HIVE is a short book about a couple that move to a nice new apartment in Queens, only to find their darkest fears about parenthood, life, death, and birth will be realized. HIVE is so short that saying more gives it away. I had this great experience of reading a short book called The Beckoning Fair One from start to finish on a flight from New York to Las Vegas. I wanted to write something that could be read in one or two sittings (with or without air travel) but that had enough substance to feel like a light meal, not a snack. I like to think of HIVE as a horror story where the characters matter as much as the horror.



Turn to Ash


The signal from WORN – Radio Orion grows louder and clearer with each passing day, and through the static, Turn to Ash, Vol. 2: Open Lines begins to take form.

Open Lines is a unique series of strange stories, presented as phone calls to late night paranormal talk show host, Chuck Leek, on his nationally syndicated radio program, The Late Night Leak. Of course, Chuck is having a hell of a night himself, and the calls weave through a frame story detailing his weird night of High Strangeness.

I’m pleased to announce the TOC for Turn to Ash, Vol. 2: Open Lines (not yet in final running order):

Cold Call (frame story) – Jonathan Raab

The Sun Screams in Retrograde – Rebecca Allred

OGRE – Joseph Bouthiette Jr

All that Moves Us – Evan Dicken

The White Factory – Kurt Fawver

A Room with Two Views – Joanna Michal…

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Lovecraft eZine Issue 38 Preview



Lovecraft eZine issue 38 is almost ready to go. It includes my story “Endure Within a Dying Frame,” alone with work by the following:

Peter Rawlik
Douglas Wynne
Raven Daemorgan
Marcus Grimm
Jonathan Raab
Benjamin Knox
Toby Bennett

Also, check out this cover (art by Jay Campbell)!


I’ll post again with links when the issue is available to read.

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New Orford joint! This time with wrestling!

Orford Parish Books

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 10.29.07 AMHey! As revealed on this week’s Spooklights podcast interview with Jonathan Raab and Matthew M. Bartlett the next Orford Parish Books joint is ready to be disclosed to the world:

Three Moves of Doom: Weird Horror from the Squared Circle will feature the aforementioned Mr. Bartlett, plus Joseph Pastula and Tom Breen each contributing a strange tale set in the wonderful world of professional wrestling. The chapbook will also feature cover art by Pastula, who is busily working to create something fiendishly fine for this project.

I’ve already read the stories, and I can tell you that this is going to be something for everyone, regardless of your level of passion for the art of mat grappling. Street date is currently In Time For the Rock and Shock Convention in Worcester in October, but we’ll update when we know more.

Until then, get ready to don the crimson mask with your favorite…

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