Interviews and Essays

Faithful Frighteners: Thomas C. Mavroudis – 10/16/2017

the city can change so quickly: An interview with Alex Smith, author of HIVE – 10/20/16

Faithful Frighteners: Leeman Kessler – 7/21/16

Faithful Frighteners: Daniel Mills – 7/15/16

Faithful Frighteners: Tom Breen – 7/6/2016

Faithful Frighteners: Scott R. Jones – 6/29/16

The politics of horror (and the horror of politics): An interview with Jason V Brock – 6/21/16

Horror as the world in crisis we live in now: An interview with Timothy J. Jarvis – 4/16/16

I AM NOT IN A CULT: A guest post from the editor of Ravenwood Quarterly – 4/8/16

Make Yourself at Home: An interview with Tom Breen, author of ORFORD PARISH MURDER HOUSES – 3/28/16

The Courage, the Tools, the Talent: An interview with the director of CLEANIN’ UP THE TOWN – 2/23/16

Two Minutes for High-STAKING: an interview with Ian Thomas Healy – 2/2/2016

Cut my fingertips, they bleed Texas: an interview with Stephen Graham Jones on his new novel MONGRELS – 1/22/16

Interview with Orrin Grey, author of Painted Monsters … and an exclusive announcement about his next book! – 1/20/16

An interview with dark artist Rob Stanley – 1/11/16

Deathstate Game Developer Interview – 10/22/15

Matthew M. Bartlett Reflects on NecronomiCon 2015 – 9/17/15

Robert J. Stava on The Devil’s Engine – 9/15/15

Interview with D. Harlan Wilson – 8/26/15

Interview with Christopher Slatsky – 8/10/15

Interview with Matthew M. Bartlett – 8/3/15

Late to the Party: True Detective as Weird Fiction (or not) – 3/11/15

What is High Strange? – 1/9/2015

Facing the Terrifying (un)Reality of Writer’s Block – 12/31/2014

What It Means When We Say “No” – 12/3/14

House by the Video Store interview – 11/4/2014

The Unsettling Allure of On-Screen Horror – 10/24/14

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