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Jonathan Raab is the editor in chief of Muzzleland Press and previously worked as an editor for the War Writers’ Campaign. His nonfiction about veterans’ issues has appeared in The New York Times At War Blog, The Stars and Stripes,, and many others. He is the author of the gonzo war novel Flight of the Blue Falcon, The Hillbilly Moonshine Massacre, and The Lesser Swamp Gods of Little Dixie. His novella Cold Call is featured in Turn to Ash Volume 2: Open Lines, he co-wrote the Mississippi Bones album Radio Free Conspiracy Theory, and his short fiction has appeared in the Lovecraft eZine, The Book of Blasphemous Words, Letters of Decline, A Breath From the Sky, and more. He lives in Colorado with his wife Jess and their dog Egon where he continues to watch the skies. You can find him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter at @muzzlelandpress.

Publications – Nonfiction

The New York Times At War Blog

“Wanted: A Good Job and Some Understanding”

“A Returning Soldier Answers the Inevitable Question: ‘Why?’”

“It’s Time to Talk About What Troops Leave Unsaid.”

“A Guide To A Few Nonprofits Providing Care to Veterans”


Doonesbury’s The Sandbox Military Blog


“The Fight Lane” (parts one and two)


The Daily Beast

“I Reenlisted to Return to Afghanistan, Only to Find Myself in Kuwait”

“On Memorial Day, A Soldier Honors the Fallen”


The Stars and Stripes

“No One Had Prepared Us for Peace”

“Don’t Add Benefits Cuts to Troops’ Sacrifices”



“Rebuilding After Deployment and Hurricane Sandy” (parts one and two)

Fire and Forget Book Review”

“Captain Caggy Comes Home” (parts one and two)

“Shift to civilian workplace supported by ACP mentors”

“Raab reviews book on hardest hit unit in Iraq war”


Yahoo News

“Soldier’s Reaction: If the Taliban Are Willing to Talk, Perhaps We Should Too”

“Our War, Our Children’s War”

“The Cost of Freedom and What Freedom Looks Like in America Today”

“Who Cares That the Marines Are Leaving Afghanistan?”

“The Most Authentic War Movies, From a Soldier’s Perspective”

“Holidays: The Perfect Time to Swear on the Phone With an Old Army Buddy”

“Why This Afghan War Vet Joined the VFW”

“Why Write About War?”

“On Missing the Military… And Not”

“Art of War: Veterans Healing Through Art”


The War Writers Campaign

“Anything Was Better”

Editor of Sergeant of the Guard: The Road in Iraq by R. Morgan Crihfield


Publications – Fiction

The War Writers Campaign

“Window Licker” (short story/chapbook)

Flight of the Blue Falcon (novel)


Literati Press Comics & Novels

“Burn Scars” in Emergency Exit

The Hillbilly Moonshine Massacre (novel)


Muzzleland Press

Editor of Spooklights fiction anthology; author of “Dog’s Blood Blues” and “Between the Walls of Static” short stories

Editor of High Strange Horror fiction anthology; author of “Frosty Pyramid Treats” short story

Editor of Terror in 16-bits; author of “Dr. Coagulant’s Splatter Lab” short story

Editor of The Devil’s Engine by Robert Stava, Qarinah of the Valley by Husni Totah, Creeping Waves by Matthew M. Bartlett, Hive by Alex Smith, and Trade Yer Coffin For a Gun by Mer Whinery

The Lesser Swamp Gods of Little Dixie (novel)


Lovecraft eZine

“The Secret Goatman Spookshow”


Turn to Ash Volume 2: Open Lines

Cold Call (novella)


The Book of Blasphemous Words

“The Order of the Night Moose”


Letters of Decline

“A Capable Man”


A Breath From the Sky



Radio Free Conspiracy Theory with Mississippi Bones (album; co-writer)

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