Spooklights #23: Friday the 13th Series Part 1

Jared Collins and Matthew St. Cyr are this week’s guests. We’re discussing Friday the 13th Parts 1 through 5, and what the series means to us. Listen here.



TERROR IN 16-BITS now available, with a new season of Spooklights on the way!

It’s here.

Ever play a game too scary to complete? Ever been haunted in the hours after the TV flickered out, thinking of how scary it would be to re-enter that haunted mansion, that bio-weapons lab, that fog-shrouded town?

7th Guest. Splatterhouse. Resident Evil. Silent Hill. Doom. Blood. Harvester. Super Ghouls n’ Ghosts. Castlevania. Dark Souls. Bloodborne.

These titles and more have inspired our newest anthology: Terror in 16-bits. Fifteen spooky levels of ghastly fun and frights, inspired by the horror video games you’ve come to know and love… and shudder to think about.

Available now through Amazon, or through pre-order via our store to support us directly.

Terror in 16-bits: now you’re playing… with TERROR!

And stay tuned for interviews with our authors in the next season of Spooklights! Podfade ain’t got nothing on us, we promise!

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Summer Update


The signal’s gone a little quiet out of the Muzzleland Press numbers station lately, but rest assured we’ve been hard at work. TERROR IN 16-BITS is *done* and the books are ordered for NecronomiCon Providence, so you’ll be able to snatch a copy there at a discount before wider release after the con.

I’ve also started editing a brand-new project, a novel that’s equal parts horror and … well, I’ll let you guess.

Our podcast Spooklights is on pause until September, when we’ll return with some very special guests and episodes full of simple moral lessons like “don’t lie to your parents” and “cosmic supernatural evil is real and you should take it more seriously.”

In Anticipation of “Terror in 16-Bits”

Devil Coven

Today the front cover for Muzzleland Press’ forthcoming video game-themed horror anthology Terror in 16-Bits was posted on Facebook by the editor/publisher Jonathan Raab.


Art by Peter Lazarski

Also posted was the back cover and table of contents. As you can see, I’m one of the contributors.

The cover, as you can see, is gorgeous, and the ToC boasts a few of my favorite current writers (Sean M. Thompson, Raab himself, J.R. Hamantaschen, Matthew M. Bartlett, Alex Smith, and Orrin Grey among them).

My story “OneiroVision” was one it took a while to get right, and one I still don’t feel entirely confident about (but I’ve gotten used to this sensation; I have it whenever I finish a story). I won’t add much in the way of story notes, as those are included in the book. I’ll only say that its the first published story to involve my fictional New…

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Spooklights #21 Chop Talk with Matthew M. Bartlett

Matthew M. Bartlett joins us once again to talk about writing, social media use, substances (including coffee!) and writing, editing, networking, Twin Peaks, True Detective Season 2 sucks, and a whole lot more! Sean M. Thompson stays in the slot for most of the show, and I decided to cut out my buzzed, half-hearted defense of some of the elements in the Star Wars prequel films because I’m not a total monster.

Music by Terrortron: terrortron.bandcamp.com/