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I’m using a different distribution platform for Behold the Undead of Dracula. Although the Kindle version will eventually be available on the Big A, I wanted to try a more independent model for the paperback.

If you still want a copy of Behold the Undead of Dracula AND also want to support your local indie book store or library, request a copy through them! It nets us a sale, supports local horror literature peddlers—and gets you the best Gothic horror anthology to grace the shelves this spooky season.

Behold the Undead of Dracula
ISBN/SKU: 9780997080377
ISBN Complete: 978-0-9970803-7-7
Publication Date: 9/21/2019
MSRP: $14.99

Join us for NecronomiCon Providence Friday through Sunday!

The Stars are Right… Again!

You can find me (Jonathan) and Jared Collins of Mississippi Bones selling books Friday – Sunday in the NecronomiCon Providence vendors’ room, including advance copies of Behold the Undead of Dracula! Each copy comes with a download code for Black Mountain Transmitter’s soundtrack for the anthology!

We’ll also have copies of Freaky Tales From the Force: Season One, the Turn To Ash novel Camp Ghoul Mountain Part VI, the Sheriff Kotto rock album Radio Free Conspiracy Theory, and more!

Additionally, I’ll be reading from Camp Ghoul Mountain Part VI sometime between 1:30 – 2:45 PM @ L’Apogee, Graduate 17th Floor on Friday, so consider stopping by to show me some moral support and talk me out of going into an impromptu lecture about the “true nature of ufological activity” instead of reading from my novel.

Get the official Behold the Undead of Dracula soundtrack by Black Mountain Transmitter!

The dread count has risen from his grave and teamed up with a mad descendant of Baron Frankenstein to raise an army of ghouls augmented with the power of forbidden science!

Graphic, gothic, sensual, lurid, and banned in twelve countries, Behold the Undead of Dracula is an infamous, blood-drenched, and lurid forgotten classic of the gothic revival period. Overtly weird and violent, with cosmic horror elements fused into the classic vampire tale, it terrified and confused audiences during its early 1970s debut, only to be forgotten shortly after its release… until now.

The film’s official soundtrack has been discovered in a secret chamber of a cursed film studio vault deep within the dark woods of Northern Ireland, and is available now for the first time since its aborted vinyl release in 1974 (all copies having been destroyed in a fire that preceded the filmmakers’ grisly murder-suicide pact). The mad musician behind Black Mountain Transmitter will be handling distribution of the digital and physical copies!

Get your copy of the soundtrack FREE with your purchase of our new anthology, Behold the Undead of Dracula at NecronomiCon Providence August 23-25 (vendor/dealer’s room)! Limited to the first 100 copies sold. After the convention, the remainder of the initial run will be available on our storefront exclusively, and will include download codes!

Behold the Undead of Dracula Cover and Table of Contents Reveal

Behold the Undead of Dracula: Lurid Tales of Cinematic Gothic Horror will debut at Necronomicon 2019 in Providence, RI August 22-25 at the Muzzleland Press table in the vendors’ room!

For those not attending the conference, copies (and an ebook version) will be available online shortly after.

In the meantime, behold this delightfully frightful cover art by the talented Trevor Henderson!


“Go to the Devil” by Matthew M. Bartlett

“Over the Violets There That Lie” by Gwendolyn Kiste

“George Strait and the Black Orchard Grimoire” by Mer Whinery

“Vengeance of the Blood Princess” by Dominique Lamssies

“Diabolus in Musica” by William Tea

“Taste of Fear in the Night (European Release Title: Curse of the Mountain Witches)” by Tom Breen

“You Should Smile More: The Blood Coven of Arkana” by Heather L. Levy

“Mina’s Castle” by Sean M. Thompson

“Cleaver Castle of Carnage Presents: The Coven Strikes Back” by Christa Carmen

“The Bloody Cask of Rasputin” by Thomas C. Mavroudis

“The Filthy Creation of Frankenstein” by Gemma Files

Cover art by Trevor Henderson

Interior illustration by Mat Fitzsimmons

Editing and layout by Jonathan Raab

Stay tuned here or via our Twitter and Facebook pages for further announcements!

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