The Horror of Public Transportation: Recent Reads

One of the advantages of taking the bus when your commute is 45 minutes to an hour? Well, besides stealing all sorts of interesting characterization from your fellow bus-riders, you can read. A lot.


Pathfinder RPG: Horror Adventures

I’ve been getting back into tabletop roleplaying, specifically the Pathfinder RPG, with a group of coworkers. I picked this 2016 release up last month (before I started riding the bus, admittedly), and I don’t regret it. It’s a great supplement to the game (think Dungeons & Dragons) that takes Pathfinder one step closer to Call of Cthulhu territory. I also recommend this as an inspiration tome for horror writers. Every page has awesome horror ideas and hooks. Check out our most recent episode of Spooklights for the full take: Spooklights #13: The Book of Blasphemous Words Continue reading “The Horror of Public Transportation: Recent Reads”

Like Horror Literature? What about *free* horror literature?

We’re currently building our advanced review copy list forĀ High Strange Horror – Weird Tales of Paranoia and the Damned. If you’re an avid reader, reviewer, or blogger, we’d like to put a print or e-book (any format) copy into your handsĀ before the book’s official release.

If you’re interested in providing a review in exchange for a copy, please send an email with your preference and link to your reviews (Amazon, GoodReads, or your blog) to with the subject line “Review Copy Request”.

Thanks for supporting indie horror lit!

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