Things that we went and did in 2016

We had a great year in 2016.

Creeping Waves by Matthew M. Bartlett

cover_204-16_originalMy favorite book of the past several years, horror or no. Yeah, yeah, I’m biased and all, but it’s really, really good. A tableau of nightmare imagery; a mix of pulpy decadence and existential terror; gleeful, mean-spirited stories of a witch-cult spreading its madness through a Satanic radio station. Bartlett manages to impress thrill-seekers and literary folks alike.

But don’t take my word for it:

“Bartlett is a visionary. He actually reinvented the wheel here, with his idea of a collection.  His stories are woven into intricate quilts of passage and prose, stitched through catalog entry or radio editorial, want ads and personal  ads. Black and white pictures. You get an entire world between the covers.  It’s not a pretty one.” – Ginger Nuts of Horror
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Follow the signs to the Real Leeds.


“You’ve come here for a horror story. And what you get is one of the purest and most audacious expressions of horror in the modern day. There are more tantalizing ideas per page than you’ll find in most full-length novels. Here you will encounter faded cult leaders returned to prominence and infused with bloody purpose; old grimoires, diaries, and cookbooks of unsavory provenance catalogued and priced for the corrupted bibliophile; passage to the Night of Black Tents and to the blood-drenched carnival at the rancid heart of the dream. There are missing children and missing souls. Every past sin and every forgotten defeat returns to you here, dressed in the terrible glamor of an animated, ravenous death.” – Nathan Ballingrud in his introduction to Creeping Waves.

Available here.

Spooklights #1 with Matthew M. Bartlett (Part 1 of 2)

Spooklights kicks off with Matthew M. Bartlett as our first guest-slash-sometimes-co-host! We discuss Lovecraft, Ligotti, retail jobs, when your mom writes a book review, Stephen King, living in Atlanta for a week, and so much more.

The first few episodes of the podcast will be on YouTube. Once we’ve built up a good catalog we will consider migrating over to an audio hosting service.

Matthew M. Bartlett Guest of Honor Intro – Krallcon 2016

Jordan Krall of Dunhams Manor Press asked me to put together a short introductory video for our own Matthew M. Bartlett. He was the guest of honor at this year’s Krallcon, the annual gathering of horror, weird, and bizarro writers in New Jersey.

It was my great pleasure to pay tribute to such a talented writer. We’re publishing Creeping Waves later this month, and I couldn’t be happier to have that book bearing our logo.


Creeping Waves by Matthew M. Bartlett

Featuring cover art by Nick Gucker

True Cover Reveal

Coming in April. Limited preorders will be available through the Muzzleland Press storefront, with wider release to follow.




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