We’re just getting started.

Early in 2015, we released High Strange Horror, hsh_cover06which continues to be our best online-selling title. It’s an anthology featuring authors that took on the subjects of cryptoterrestrials, aliens, men in black, UFOs, and government conspiracies. I’m very proud of the work, and consider it our flagship release of 2015. While Spooklights was our first release back in 2014, I believe we upped our professional and editorial chops with this book.


The Shot

Writer-editor Doctor Gaines‘ first long-form release, The Shot, is a dystopian, madcap science fiction adventure a la I Am Legend and Invasion of the Body Snatchers.




Devils Engine Cover

The Devil’s Engine by Robert Stava is a fun YA horror yarn about secret Nazi technology, the occult, and three teenagers unlucky enough to activate a semi-sentient, bloodthirsty locomotive. It’s a fun, short little ride, perfect for the young (and young at heart) horror fan.



I was honored that The War Writers’ Campaign published my debut Flight of the Blue Falcon Covernovel Flight of the Blue Falcon. It’s not horror or weird – but it’s a deeply personal book about the Afghanistan War, based on my time serving with the U.S. Army. If you have any interest in what the Long War was (is) like for so many servicemen and women, please consider picking up a copy. All proceeds benefit the Campaign, which is a nonprofit dedicated to publishing veteran literature and war writing. Communication is the best form of therapy, and writing this novel helped me exorcise more than a few ghosts of my own.

Just before Halloween, Literati Press Comics & Novels released my second thumbnailnovel, The Hillbilly Moonshine Massacre. This is a horror-science-fiction-conspiracy-theory-pulp adventure tale about a war veteran who returns home to find his rural ski town community grappling with UFOs, police brutality, and an outbreak of violence triggered by psychotropic moonshine. Of course, not everything is as it seems, and only the paranoid part-time county sheriff (who happens to be the host of a late night call-in paranormal talk show) knows what’s really going on. It’s X-Files meets Trailer Park Boys; Ghostbusters on magic mushrooms and cheap local beer. It’s a book I had a blast writing, and if secret societies, local crime, and alien abductions are your thing, I think you’ll love it, too.

We also significantly expanded the blog’s content and review catalog. While we can’t review everything that comes out in the horror and weird fields, we covered a lot. My favorite books of the year, in no particular order:

Scott R. Jones edited an incredible RESONATOR_cover_ebook-e1421651477512collection of stories centered on the resonator device from H.P. Lovecraft’s classic tale “From Beyond.” I loved this book from beginning to end.



Alectryomancer and Other Weird Tales by Christopher AlectryomancerSlatsky was one of the best single-author collections I read. I love conspiracy theories and alternative history, but Slatsky’s knowledge and use of the esoteric  in horror settings puts me to shame. I can’t wait to see more from him.


Orrin Grey’s end of year collection PaintedMonsters_cover_001_FC_small-663x1024Painted Monsters blew me away. There was not a single story in here that didn’t keep my attention. No other writer does such a great job of translating the cinematic weird to the page, marrying an obvious love for horror film with literary talent.

As for 2016, we’re staying busy. We’ll continue to do interviews with authors and reviews of horror and weird fiction and film. We have at least three releases slated for the year, including two novellas from first-time authors, and a short story collection from a very prominent new voice in the weird.

Stay tuned, and stay spooky.


Flight of the Blue Falcon available today

I’m proud to announce that The War Writers’ Campaign has officially released my first novel, Flight of the Blue Falcon. From the back of the book:

As a chewed-up Army National Guard unit heads to a forgotten war in Afghanistan, three men find themselves thrust into the heart of absurdity: the post-modern American war machine. The inexperienced Private Rench, the jaded veteran Staff Sergeant Halderman, and the idealistic Lieutenant Gracie join a platoon of misfit citizen-soldiers and experience a series of alienating and bizarre events. Rench is force-fed cookies by his drill sergeants. Halderman’s “training” is to pick up garbage in the California desert for four days straight. Gracie contends with a battalion commander obsessed with latrine graffiti. Once they reach Afghanistan, things really get weird.

Flight of the Blue Falcon is the story of three men who volunteer to serve their country. It’s about what it means to be a soldier, to fight, to know true camaraderie—and to return home. This is a war story. This is our story.

Only the most unbelievable parts are true.

This is a project a couple years in the making. I know it’s not horror or weird fiction, but it’s a deeply personal book, and one I recommend to people with even a passing interest in our military or the wars we have been fighting.

All proceeds go directly to benefit best-in-class veteran services. I don’t get a dime!


What’s a “Blue Falcon”?

This isn’t horror or weird-related, but this project is near and dear to my heart.

Here’s my interview and some background information on my upcoming novel from The War Writers’ Campaign, Inc. You can pre-order the book, or just learn a bit more about my writing process and inspiration for the work, which I’m calling “The Greatest War Novel to come out in at least two or three weeks.”

All proceeds from the book’s sales go to fund best-in-class veterans services. Click on the image below for the link.


Why Write About War?

One of my writing gigs is for UniformStories.com, where I share insights into the veteran and military experience. My latest post, “Why Write About War,” is something I think anyone can relate to. I argue for the power of writing down your experiences to make sense of them, and to help share your thoughts and perspectives with people in a way that isn’t all touchy-feely-weird-awkward.

You can find the article here. 

In other site news, we’re happily moving through the submissions and book design process of High Strange Horror, prepping for Doctor Gaines’ new work The Shot, and gearing up for con season, with our first outing at MiniCon in Minneapolis on April 2nd.

My first novel, Flight of the Blue Falcon, will see release in July, and I plan publishing my horror novel The Hillbilly Moonshine Massacre in the months following that.

In the meantime, we’ll have a review of the short story collection Nightmare Carnival sometime next week.

Stay weird!