Spooklights #25 Splatterhouse with William Tea

splatterhouse1-pceThe Spooklights Train keeps rolling with episode #25! We’re talking with author William Tea about one of the best cult videogame horror franchises out there: Splatterhouse!

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Spooklights #18 Mer Whinery

Self-described rural macabre horror author Mer Whinery joins us for this episode of Spooklights! He’s one of my favorite writers in the game today.

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Spooklights #17 Charles Martin

We’re broadcasting to you from the Stoned Planet with Charles Martin, the founder and editor of Literati Press Comics & Novels. He joins us to talk small press publishing, indie art, and not eating crayons in the Marine Corps.

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Spooklights #16 with Daniel Mills

MORIAH by Daniel MillsDaniel “Mr. Vermont Pancakes Spooky” Mills joins Sean and I to talk about his writing genesis, repressed memories as trauma, THE LORD CAME AT TWILIGHT, the Lord, a very young Sean Connery, and his upcoming novel MORIAH.

This is the link to the YouTube episode, but you can also find it on iTunes and SoundCloud for your commuting pleasure.



Spooklights #14 with Philip Fracassi

We’re back after my computer chewed through three hard drives!

Our guest is Philip Fracassi, author of Mother, Altar, Behold the Void, and more.

Listen in here!

Sean M. Thompson joins us as an official co-host.


Spooklights #11: S.P. Miskowski

knock-knockS.P. Miskowski joins us to talk about the Skillute cycle and the origins of her other books, including Muscadines and Stag in Flight.

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Quick Update re:Spooklights

Our semi-regular (irregular, in the guerilla sense) podcast Spooklights is now available on YouTube, SoundCloud, and iTunes. We’ve got eight episodes up so far, with more to come shortly.

Thanks for listening. Stay spooky everybody.