Join us for NecronomiCon Providence Friday through Sunday!

The Stars are Right… Again!

You can find me (Jonathan) and Jared Collins of Mississippi Bones selling books Friday – Sunday in the NecronomiCon Providence vendors’ room, including advance copies of Behold the Undead of Dracula! Each copy comes with a download code for Black Mountain Transmitter’s soundtrack for the anthology!

We’ll also have copies of Freaky Tales From the Force: Season One, the Turn To Ash novel Camp Ghoul Mountain Part VI, the Sheriff Kotto rock album Radio Free Conspiracy Theory, and more!

Additionally, I’ll be reading from Camp Ghoul Mountain Part VI sometime between 1:30 – 2:45 PM @ L’Apogee, Graduate 17th Floor on Friday, so consider stopping by to show me some moral support and talk me out of going into an impromptu lecture about the “true nature of ufological activity” instead of reading from my novel.

Fight the Future, Support Your Local Sheriff


They want you to relax and sit back
Rest those weary bones
Flip on the tube and let the propaganda take hold.
Because freedom won’t fall to the sound of enemy bombs
But the tune of snake oil speeches and thunderous applause.

Sheriff Kotto rides again! Join him on his last radio broadcast as he hears from old friends, new threats, and rocks out to brand new conspiracy-horror-inspired music from Mississippi Bones.

RADIO FREE CONSPIRACY THEORY from Mississippi Bones, co-written with Jonathan Raab and featuring Matthew M. Bartlett, Sean M. Thompson, Tom Breen, and many more.

Spooklights #34 Horror Cinema Roundtable

Spooklights #34 Horror Cinema Roundtable

Jared Collins, Adrean Messmer, and Sean M. Thompson join Tom Breen and Jonathan Raab to discuss the horror movies that made them fall in love with and start creating horror stories and music! Jaws, John Carpenter, Stuart Gordon, Freddy, and so much more! And stay tuned for the lightning round…!



Auld Lang Slime: Let’s get this portajohn fire behind us

Co52y85XYAAWs_OIt was a challenging year for me in a lot of ways, so I didn’t get to spend as much time writing as I would have liked. However I did get a few stories published thanks to some generous folks who saw them as something more than just the paranoid rantings of a burned-out conspiracy theorist who’d had too much of the local Colorado crop. (I mean, sure, they ARE that, but maybe also something more.) Continue reading “Auld Lang Slime: Let’s get this portajohn fire behind us”

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