Spooklights #26 Brian O’Connell


Sean M. Thompson returns as co-host as we have Brian O’Connell on to discuss being a fifteen-year-old horror author!


Spooklights #25 Splatterhouse with William Tea

splatterhouse1-pceThe Spooklights Train keeps rolling with episode #25! We’re talking with author William Tea about one of the best cult videogame horror franchises out there: Splatterhouse!

The show is available on YouTube, Soundcloud, and iTunes.

Spooklights #9 With Alex Smith

hive-isbn-uploadFor this episode, special guest host Sean M. Thompson and Jonathan Raab talk with Muzzleland Press’ own Alex Smith about his novella HIVE, Clive Barker’s Nightbreed, masculinity, urban anxiety, and much more.

You can listen on Soundcloud, subscribe on iTunes, or listen via YouTube.

HIVE is a Cronenbergian paranoid thriller about a New York City couple discovering a cascading series of horrors within their seemingly idyllic apartment building. It’s Muzzleland Press’ final release of the year, and it’s one of our best books yet.