Spooklights #40: Trevor Henderson

Dmi6HdQX0AAtpmy.jpg largeFound-footage-style artist Trevor Henderson joins us to talk about making monsters and watching horror movies late at night with his dad.

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Spooklights #39 Airdorf and Faith

1Airdorf, the developer of retro horror game FAITH and FAITH II, joins us on this episode of Spooklights.

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Find FAITH here: airdorf.itch.io/faith

Spooklights #38 Delta Green: Operation Fulminate Episode 1

Jared Collins and Tom Breen are ready to take on the unnatural in another Delta Green mission! Their handler sends them to Yosemite National Park, where a child has reappeared after 30 years… and hasn’t aged a day.

This operation is out of the Delta Green Handler’s Guide.

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Spooklights #35 Horror Cinema Roundtable Part II: The Bloodening

Matthew M. Bartlett, Gemma Files, and Orrin Grey (sort of) join us to talk about their favorite horror movie influences, using decapitated heads for unspeakable acts, the redeeming message of Calvinism, Yaphet Kotto, and more.