Spooklights #30 Brandon Barrows

20588338Brandon Barrows, the author of The Altar in the Hills and This Rough Old World joins us to talk weird fiction, comics writing, and more.




Spooklights #29 Orrin Grey

We’re back after the holidays to talk with Orrin Grey about the “fun” in horror, what inspired him, and his collections Never Bet the Devil, Monsters From the Vault, and Painted Monsters, as well as his licensed Iron Kingdoms novel Godless. And yes, we talk about Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi, and I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.



Faithful Frighteners: Tom Breen

Faithful Frighteners is a series of interviews with persons of faith in the horror and weird fiction scenes. You can read the first interview with Scott R. Jones here.

Tom Breen is the author of Orford Parish Murder Houses: A Visitor’s Guide and co-author of Old Gory: Two Tales of Flag Horror. He also co-manages Orford Parish Books, which “specializes in the unsettling, the weird, the subtly troubling. Short fiction, illustrated books for strange children, themed chapbooks, [and] fake newspapers[.]”

JR: How, when, and why did you get into horror culture (film, literature, video games, etc)?

Tom BreenTB: When I was a kid, I was fascinated by collections of ghost stories, books about “real life” hauntings, and horror movies. This lasted until 6th grade, when I was 11 or 12, and my teacher decided all of these things, plus Dungeons & Dragons, were making me a danger to myself and others. Well, it was a different time (the 1980s, to be specific).

So I had to make weekly visits to the school psychologist, and any interest in the macabre was pretty much therapy’d out of me by the helping professions. This lasted until I was in college. For reasons that are now obscure to me, I started reading H.P. Lovecraft, an author my father liked. That was really it, though; I still had an aversion, bred by that early adolescent experience, to anything horror-related. I remember being 23 years old and driving to Chicago with friends, and being legitimately worried about reading a Ramsey Campbell book I had brought with me. I don’t know what I was worried about, I just had some deep, weird anxiety about plunging into this (literally, when I was younger) forbidden world. Continue reading “Faithful Frighteners: Tom Breen”