Pre-orders live for Trade Yer Coffin For A Gun by Mer Whinery

Mer Whinery’s wild and weird horror-western, Trade Yer Coffin For A Gun, is now available for pre-order! Get a signed copy (limited to 25) for $9.99!

Order here.

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Spooklights #29 Orrin Grey

We’re back after the holidays to talk with Orrin Grey about the “fun” in horror, what inspired him, and his collections Never Bet the Devil, Monsters From the Vault, and Painted Monsters, as well as his licensed Iron Kingdoms novel Godless. And yes, we talk about Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi, and I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.



Auld Lang Slime: Let’s get this portajohn fire behind us

Co52y85XYAAWs_OIt was a challenging year for me in a lot of ways, so I didn’t get to spend as much time writing as I would have liked. However I did get a few stories published thanks to some generous folks who saw them as something more than just the paranoid rantings of a burned-out conspiracy theorist who’d had too much of the local Colorado crop. (I mean, sure, they ARE that, but maybe also something more.) Continue reading “Auld Lang Slime: Let’s get this portajohn fire behind us”